Payment Options Information
If you are from India you may send a Wire Transfer to our Kotak bank account below -
Direct Deposit into our Kotak Bank Account
Beneficiary Name: FastTreck
A/c No: 4712100584
Account Type: Current
IFSC Code: KKBK0000820
Branch: Shop Nos 3-6, Sai Keval, Valsad-396001
Prepare a Cheque/Pay Order/Demand Draft payable at Valsad, India for the chosen amount in Indian Rupees and send it along with your Customer Username (Email Address) or Customer ID to us according to the below details:
Name on the Cheque: FastTreck
Address :
FastTreck Networks
3rd Floor, Silver Coin Apt,
Halar Road,
Valsad – 396001
Gujarat - India.
Cheques non-payable at Valsad will not be credited to your account immediately but only after the amount has been credited to our Bank Account. Demand Drafts or Pay Orders or Cheques payable in Valsad will be credited to your account within 3 Business day.
Funds credited to your account are subject to appropriate Fees charged by intermediary banks or our banks. If you wish to find out what these fees are, please contact our Billing team by submitting a ticket to under the Billing Dept at or send in a mail to [email protected]. Please ensure your Company name or Customer Username appears in the sender section of the wire transfer. Once you send the Wire/Bank Transfer, send a mail to [email protected]. In the email, include details of the Wire/Bank Transfer, your Customer Username, your Company Name, Date of Transfer, Originating Bank, Transferred Amount, and your Bank Account Number. Only when we receive this information from you, we will verify your transfer and credit your account appropriately.